Our Mission


The purposes for which the corporation is formed are:

   To consistently and affordably provide the residents of Staten Island with modern, “state of art” entertainment and recreation experience in a wholesome family focused environment.

   To create an opportunity where professionals singers, musicians, actors, writers and poets can use their talents in order to develop interest in youngsters in music, poetry, literature, performance and other forms of art. To produce theater plays using community volunteers.

   To develop and educate new audiences, including children and young people for the appreciation of music and theatrical plays.

   Hold events – concerts, performances, and festivals, which could provide and educate new audiences and present new performances in collaboration with the other arts.

   The quasi-public objective is to make our work available for everyone, enrich the quality of life, preserve our cultural heritages, foster the growth of intellect and character in people of all ages.

About Us


   Aya Petersone has a special musical education and choir singing teaching, with extensive experience in pro teams in Riga, Latvia.            

    Eugene Jansons in 70s was the pianist and musical director of the Riga Variety Orchestra "REO", worked closely with Raimond Pauls in the 70s/80s.

   He became the musical director of the ensemble Laima Vaikule in 1985.

   Eugene Jansons has worked in the United States as a show producer and band leader in night clubs like Lido and Tatiana.

   He and Aya Petersone created and produced more than 20 shows in New York and Miami, and was a mentor to many famous singers in the United States.

Founder’s Notes 


IImagine a world without music...

We don't think anyone should have to.

Help us provide a brighter future to children through music education. Go Confidently

in the Direction of your Dreams.

 Aya Petersone 

We’d love to hear from you!

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72 North Railroad Ave,

State Island, NY 10304.

Phone: (917) 501 4073